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Mick De Meyer

translation & copy editing


Hi, I'm Mick. I've been a full-time self-employed translator and copy editor since 2010. You've come to the right place for:


💭      creative, yet faithful translations

✍️      thorough copy editing

😉      meticuloulous proofreading

My fields of expertise:


•       creative translation & transcreation

•       food & health

•       development cooperation

•       popular science & popular medical

•       ICT & telecommunications

•       e-commerce & new media

•       marketing & advertising

•       Belgian Dutch (Flemish)

•       supranational Dutch (neutral-ish)

•       inclusive, gender-aware writing 


Not my cup of tea:


•       legal, financial and technical texts

Meet the team

Mick — Grunt Work

Finn — Morale & Exercise Officer

Usus — Supervision

Camper van on the road

In 2013, I was one of the three founders of GentVertaalt, an initiative to bring translators and interpreters together to network, to exchange ideas and to help each other out. Our bustling Facebook group has over 2,300 members. If you're a self-employed language professional and you speak Dutch, feel free to join the conversation!

In 2022, I joined the team of volunteers at TaalCafé Mundial, after having attended the sessions as a participant for several years. Come join us in Ghent if you want to practise speaking a language!

Further reading

I'm a vegetarian, I play badminton, I like playing boardgames, and I enjoy learning languages.


Besides my three working languages listed at the top – Dutch, English and French – I have also studied and can hold a conversation in the following languages (in order of proficiency): Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian and Spanish.


I'm also slowly but surely picking up some Ukrainian, which comes in very handy, along with my knowledge of Russian, in my volunteer work to help Ukrainian refugees learn Dutch online via Zoom.🇺🇦